Fuyumi Tachibana


Name: Fuyumi Tachibana
Pantheon: The Amatsukami
Parent: Hachiman
Calling: Special Ops
Nature: Competitor
Languages: Japanese, Chinese, English, Arabic, French

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits, Animal (Dove), Fertility, Guardian, Tsukumo-Gami, War
Abilities: Athletics, Command, Investigation, Marksmanship, Melee, Science
Rivals: Raiden, Ares, Freyr, Horus, Ogoun, Xipe Totec

Physical: Str 4/3; Dex 4/3; Sta 3/2
Social: Cha 3/1; Man 1/0; App 3/0
Mental: Per 3/1; Int 2/0; Wit 4/3

Athletics 3; Awareness 3; Brawl 3; Command 2; Control(Land Vehicle) 3; Fortitude 3; Marksmanship 3; Melee 3; Presence 2; Stealth 3; Survival 2;

3 Relic (Avalanche: Adjusts to str, add epic str successes as damage)
2 Relic (Lunar Crescent: Moon, P)
1 Relic (Sake Jug: Infinite Sake when drank by people with relic dot, water otherwise)

Knacks: Holy Rampage, Crushing Grip, Uplifting Might, Trick Shooter, Untouchable Opponent, Roll With It, Raise Your Glass!, Self-Healing, Inspirational Figure, Scent The Divine, Opening Gambit, Eternal Vigilance, Jack Of All Trades

Phase Cloak (3)

Dodge DV: 10
Parry DV:
Soaks: 7B/6L/4A

Avalanche (Barrett M95): Acc +4, +9L, Rng 2000, Clip 10, Speed 6, P
Lunar Crescent (Labrys): Acc +1, +8L, Melee, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Acc -1, +3B, Def -2, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Acc +1, +0B, Def +1, Speed 4

Armor: Bulletproof Vest (2/2/2)

Virtues: Duty 2, Endurance 3, Intellect, Valor

Willpower: 5/5
Legend: 4 (16/16)
XP: 2/30

Humvee: Armor 10, Mass 3, Maneuverability +1, Health 25
Humvee Features: Front Tow, Roof Hatch, Hidden Weapon Compartment, Spare Tire, Onstar, GPS, Side Airbags, Collapsible Roof Mount, Field Medic Kit

Humvee Weapons Compartment:
Barrett XM109, TAR-21 (2), Desert Eagle (4), M2 HMG, Flash Bang (2), Gas Grenade (2), Ammunition


Fuyumi’s mother, Himeko, gave birth to her on a cold winter morning in the Akibahara district of Tokyo, Japan. Growing up in Tokyo, Fuyumi quickly become known as an outstanding athlete. In a mere two weeks she found herself as captain of both her school’s Archery and Track clubs. After leading her teams to multiple victories at various meets and championships she enlisted in the Japanese military, seemingly on a whim. Her appearance betraying her abilities, her performance in basic was nothing short of astounding. By using her athletic prowess and leadership abilities to inspire success in the rest of her platoon, she impressed not only her fellow recruits but a few prominent figures on the base. Basic was not the end of her training, moving on to Officer school and eventually the Japanese Special Forces where she made quite the name for herself.

After meeting her father, the owner and chef of a local sushi bar, one night by what she believe was chance he explained to her his true identity and exactly what she was. After coming to terms with her new-found identity has a Scion, she took her father’s advice and began traveling the world in an attempt to make new alliances. Before leaving, as a parting gift, her father bestowed upon her the Avalanche and a jug of sake that would never deplete, though it became ordinary water if poured out of the jug or drank by another. Eventually coming to China, she saved the life of a Scion of Tsuki-Yomi for which he gave her the Lunar Crescent as a thank-you gift. She still travels throughout China, searching for new friendships and powerful allies that will prove vital for the unavoidable conflict her existence embodies. Though not as active in the Japanese military today as she once was, she is still a reserve officer with a great deal of respect and authority among her peers.

In her current daily life, she gets around with a military Humvee which is an alternate form of the Lunar Crescent. The Lunar Crescent has two additional forms, one being a labrys and the other being a glove. The Avalanche can become either a violin or a Barrett M95, and the sake jug appears to be a canteen. She enjoys sushi and will occasionally stop in a local bar or pub to enjoy a drink with others.

Fuyumi Tachibana

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