Montgomery Gallo

Scion of Hades


Montgomery Gallo
Scion of Hades
Calling: Hitman/Retrieval Expert
Pantheon: Dodekatheon
Nature: Gambler
Legend: 4
Legend Points: 16
Willpower: 7

gained epic dexterity as favored



Str: 2/1

Dex: 4/2

Sta: 3/1


Cha: 4/2

Man: 2/0

App: 5/3


Per: 2/0

Int: 2/0

Wit: 3/0

Academics: 3
Art(music): 1
Athletics: 3
Awareness: 1
Command: 3
Control(Plane): 1
Empathy: 1
Fortitude: 1
Integrity: 1
Larceny: 1
Marksmanship: 3
Melee: 1
Occult: 3
Presence: 3
Stealth: 3
Thrown: 3

Expression: 4
Intellect: 1
Valor: 1
Vengeance: 3


  • Ring of Erebus (Darkness, Death, Earth) * * *
  • Vase of Circe (guide via dreams) * * can only be used while sleeping near vase
  • Deck of Sacrifice * (one dot gives infinite playing cards treated like knives)

Raise Your Glass
Perfect Partner
Come Hither
Lasting Impression
Untouchable Opponent
Serpents Gaze
Boys will be Boys
Knockback Attack

Darkness: Night Eyes
Death: Unquiet Corpse


Dodge DV: 10 (4 Dex, 3 Athletics, 2 Leg, 2 Epic)

Join Battle: 4d10

Move: 6
Dash: 14
Jump: 6 vert, 12 horz


B: 6 (2 armor, 3 stamina, 1 epic)
L: 5 (2 armor, 2 stamina, 1 epic)
A: 3 (2 armor, 1 epic)

Bulletproof Vest : +2B +2L +2A fatigue 1 B
Winchester Model 1887: +0 +6L 20 6 4 P
Dessert Eagle +0 +5L 50 7 5 P
Peacemaker +2 +4L 20 6 5 P
Bo staff +2 +3B +2 6
Cards +1 +2L +0 15 5(thrown) 4 (melee)

xp: 22
xp spent: 8


Age 26
Height: 5ft 11

Montgomery was born into a privileged life in Las Vegas his mother the only child of mob boss Sammy “The Hangman” Gallo. He was both a blessing and an insult to his family no one believed there would be another male Gallo but his grandfather didn’t want one from such a embarrassing event. Still his life was not the normal life of a spoiled rich kid he spent his days in study and his nights either enjoying himself or enforcing his grandfather’s will. By eighteen he was a a respected student known gambler and feared retrieval expert with a knack for getting what he wanted. By twenty five a known collector of ancient art, playboy, world renowned gambler and underworld celebrity.

It was dark the night was still young but Montgomery was tired with a sigh he walked through his dark apartment past his many pieces of art and history drink in hand he thought to himself “I could still hit the casinos get a comped suit and a lay….”. Another sigh before downing the drink and heading to shower. Fifteen minutes he leaves the bathroom a rolling fog of steam follows him as he leaves. Sitting at his bed he looks at the clock 3:12 A.M. rubbing his left temple he opens the drawer on his night stand before cocking it and placing it under his pillow. He closes his eyes for what feels like an instant before a noise comes from his living room. His hand slides to the gun before touching down on the ground he moves low to the floor to his living room “Who is dumb enough to try this in my own apartment?” Monty thinks to himself he turns a corner “Let’s see who this tough guy is….” his thought stops abruptly as he looks on a man at his bar who fits a picture his mother showed him many times as a child…his father. Feeling joy would be appropriate at this moment but he feels as if all the emotion in him has turned to ash a feeling of nothing, something he knows all to well. Standing up he blindly empties the clip into the man, a look of surprise forms on Monty’s face as the man turns broken glass in hand “Shoot me all you want boy but the scotch is a seventy years old”. The man’s voice has a hint a superiority as he fills a new glass with scotch. “Now be a good son and sit down.” the man says without even thinking Monty obeys the man sitting in a nearby chair body seemingly frozen. The man takes another drink before speaking “Let me get a good look at you” he walks around Monty “Yes you seem useful a real asset to your father.” using all of his strength Monty moves his mouth “Wha..wha..t..did…you…” it feels like a vice is trying to force his mouth shut. “Simple, I am a GOD, Hades the lord of the Underworld and the souls of the dead.” The well dressed man puts the glass down before staring at his son his smile disappearing from his face “I’ve felt it is time to bring you into the fold me and my family need our half divine children to help us”. Monty’s father reaches into his pocket pulling out a deck of cards slapping down into Monty’s left hand “I got you this and two other trinkets to help you gifts from me, then again I got you the other two a long time ago.” with that one of Monty’s prized greek vases and ancient ebony ring light up “You don’t think I would pop in every now and then to check up on my kid, I don’t get many of those so I like to make good use of them and you would be no good dead”. With that Montgomery’s body unclenched coughing he looked up at his father as the man seemingly walked into nothingness his voice echoing “Honor your father Montgomery your mother, your grandfather and maybe even the race of man could depend on it”.

Montgomery Gallo

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